October 20 – Slovene Archives Day

On October 20, 1943, the Head of the Department for National Education in the liberated Slovenian territory, sent a letter to the District Cultural Officer in Velike Lašče: »We’ve been informed that much of the archives from the Turjak Castle is being destroyed. The records have most surely a lot of valuable information about the […]

29th Convention of the Archival Society of Slovenia

Maribor, 3rd & 4th October 2019 The Archival Society of Slovenia and the Regional Archives Maribor are organizing the 29th Convention of the Archival Society of Slovenia, which will take place between 3rd and 4th October in Maribor, Slovenia. The topic of our convention this year is “Establishing the Register of creators of archival records”. […]


Address: Arhivsko društvo Slovenije / Archival Society of Slovenia Zvezdarska 1 1000 Ljubljana Slovenija Tanja Žohar, Secretary t +386 (0)1 241 42 86 f +386 (0)1 241 42 76 e Aleš Jambrek, President t +386 (0)2 787 97 36 e Marija Čipić Rehar, MPhil, Editor-in-Chief of the Publication Arhivi t + 386 (0)1 […]

Archeion, archīum, archives

If you search for the subject “archives” on the internet, you will find out that the word can represent: – a collection of documents or records of historical value, – places or building where these records are kept, – collection of (digital) records, historical events (on a computer). Further search on the internet shows the […]


The beginnings of the pooling of archival workers stem from an Archival Section that operated within the Historical Society of Slovenia. After the founding of the Society, its members continued to cooperate with similar and other organizations to fulfil the mission of the Society in the form of official contacts, conventions, consultations and round tables. […]


The Archival Society of Slovenia brings together archival workers and other citizens interested in the archival activity, the development of archivistics and the protection of archives. Society has both regular and honorary members. Any adult citizen of the Republic of Slovenia or an adult foreign citizen may become a full member of the Society. A […]

About us

PURPOSE OF THE SOCIETYThe Archival Society of Slovenia strives to develop and popularize the archival profession and cultural heritage and to promote archival professional ethics. The Society promotes and encourages the development of archivists and other activities in the field of the protection and study of archives, especially through professional scientific-research, exchange of experiences and […]

Archival heritage awards

AŠKERC AWARDS & AŠKERC RECOGNITIONS AWARDS The Archival Society of Slovenia launched the Aškerc Awards and Aškerc Recognition Awards for outstanding achievements in archival science and the popularisation of archival activities in 2002. The Aškerc Award is given to individuals for lifetime achievement or to institutions in archival science for outstanding contributions to the promotion […]


Publishing is an important element of the Society’s activities. In 1962, the Society published a convention paper of its first convention, and in 1965 published a Guide to the Archives of Slovenia. Furthermore, the Society has published publications aimed at bringing archival profession closer to the public, as well as a series of textbooks for […]

Education and progress

Archives professional staff have the right and the duty of professional advancement, therefore the Society enables them: – to continually monitor the development of archival sciences, – meetings of members of the Society to resolve outstanding professional issues, – occasional practical training, and – to partake in professional excursions. However, these activities are not limited […]

Our timeline and achievements

1948 An Archival Section was established within the Historical Society of Slovenia. Both the Society and the Section paid a great deal of attention to the regulation of archival services in Slovenia and the restitution of archives.     1953 The Federation of Archival Workers of Yugoslavia was founded, proposing that archival societies be established […]

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