Archival heritage awards


The Archival Society of Slovenia launched the Aškerc Awards and Aškerc Recognition Awards for outstanding achievements in archival science and the popularisation of archival activities in 2002.

The Aškerc Award is given to individuals for lifetime achievement or to institutions in archival science for outstanding contributions to the promotion and development of archival science in Slovenia and abroad. The Aškerc Recognition Award is awarded for an important contribution to archival science, popularisation of the archival profession, and publishing archival materials over the current two-year period.

The Aškerc Awards and Aškerc Recognition Awards are bestowed every second year on or around the Slovene Archives Day (20 October).

The awards were given the name after the poet and priest Anton Aškerc (1856–1912), who was the first archivist of the Municipal Archives of Ljubljana. Aškerc was a pioneer of Slovene archival science, for already 100 years ago, he advocated and achieved some still-fundamental archival principles.


Within the Society, there is a commission for granting Aškerc Awards and Aškerc Recognition Awards for outstanding achievements in archivistics, which collects nominations and prepares selection and justification of proposals for awards and recognitions.

Members of the Commission are members of the Society and employees in the Slovene archives. The term of office of the members of the Commission is four years, and they are elected at the assembly of members.

The Commission for the Aškerc Awards and Aškerc Recognitions Awards:

Andrej Nared, PhD, Chairman of Commission
Julijana Visočnik, PhD, Deputy Chairman
Elizabeta Eržen Podlipnik
Mirjana Kontestabile Rovis
Aleksander Žižek, PhD

The Rules on the Awarding of Aškerc Awards and Aškerc Recognitions Awards and the Rules of the Procedure of the Commission provide more detailed provisions on awards and recognitions, as well as the work of the commission.

Archival heritage awards
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