Publishing is an important element of the Society’s activities. In 1962, the Society published a convention paper of its first convention, and in 1965 published a Guide to the Archives of Slovenia.

Furthermore, the Society has published publications aimed at bringing archival profession closer to the public, as well as a series of textbooks for students and creators of archives. Through its participation and co-financing in the Federation of Archival Workers of Yugoslavia, the Society contributed to the publication of a dictionary of archival terminology (1972), a manual in archival science (1977), and a series Archival fonds and Collections in the SFRY, VII. Volume (1984).

In 1978, the Society began publishing the professional journal ARHIVI, which was the newsletter of the Archival Society of Slovenia and the archives in Slovenia, and at the same time the central publication of the Slovene archival profession.

It provides scientific and professional articles and discussions in the field of archival science, archival activities and techniques, historical ancillary sciences, study of primary sources, study of fonds and structures of institutions. In addition to discussing the methods of archival work, it also publishes articles on archival regulations and archives service, on the history of archives, conservation and restoration, and the reproduction of documents. The journal also covers the development of archival science around the world and current issues in the field of protection and storage of new forms of information on computer media.

Publication ARHIVI

The series VIRI, first published in 1980, is an important contribution to the study of primary sources and Slovene historiography.

In 1972, the Section for General and National History at the Institute of History of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU) and the Archival Society of Slovenia initiated the establishment of the series VIRI, stating that “critical editions of important sources are among the very important tasks of our science”. The task of realization was entrusted to the Archival Society of Slovenia.

The purpose of the series is to publish important sources for Slovene history, in critical editions, governed by the principles as applied in the scientific world, with introductions, transcriptions (where appropriate), notes and explanations.

VIRI is financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

Publication VIRI

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