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Since 1954 has the protection of cultural heritage been our mission.


The beginnings of the Archival Society of Slovenia date back to 1948 when an Archival Section was established within the Historical Society of Slovenia. Six years later, the Society of Archival Workers of the People’s Republic of Slovenia was founded.


The Society publishes, in cooperation with Slovene archives, journal ARHIVI, which is the main newsletter of the archival profession in Slovenia. The Society also publishes series VIRI – an important contribution to the research of primary sources and Slovene historiography.


The Aškerc Award and Aškerc Recognition Award for outstanding achievements in archival science and the popularisation of archival activities were launched in 2002 by the Archival Society of Slovenia and are awarded biennially.

On October 20, 1943, the Head of the Department for National Education in the liberated Slovenian territory, sent a letter to the District Cultural Officer in Velike Lašče: »We’ve been informed that much of the archives from the Turjak Castle is being destroyed.  [Read more]


The mission of the Society is to bring together individuals, associations and other legal entities interested in the archival profession, the development of archival science and the protection of archival materials. The Society has also been active internationally since its inception.

The Society promotes and encourages the development of archivistics and other activities in the field of the protection and study of archives, especially through scientific research and exchange of experience and advanced training in a broad sense.

Moreover, everything related to the word “archives” … Our guidelines? A code of ethics for archival staff that connects us to archives worldwide.

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