The Archival Society of Slovenia brings together archival workers and other citizens interested in the archival activity, the development of archivistics and the protection of archives.
Society has both regular and honorary members.

Any adult citizen of the Republic of Slovenia or an adult foreign citizen may become a full member of the Society. A regular member joins the society by submitting a statement of accession and paying an annual membership fee upon enrolment for the current year.

The membership fee for the year 2020 is 20,00 EUR. The membership fee must be paid no later than two months after the regular assembly of members, which usually takes place in March.

Membership Application Form

Honorary membership

The Society awards the title of Honorary Member of the Society for Extraordinary Merits for the development of archival science, for the development and implementation of the program policies of the Society, and the development of the Society in general.

The title of an honorary member is conferred by the assembly of members on the proposal of the executive board of the society. An honorary member can be either Slovenian or a foreign adult. Any body of the Society or at least three members of the Society may submit a written initiative for honorary membership.


To keep records and for carrying out the activities of the Society, the Society maintains a database of personal data of members of the Society, which it obtains from a member based on a completed accession statement.

The secretary of the Society, who reports on the status of membership to the bodies of the Society, manages the records. The secretary also manages personal data files. In the long absence of the secretary, the President of the Society manages the records.

Personal data are processed in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data.

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