ARHIVI journal is a newsletter of the Archival Society of Slovenia and Slovenian Archives, which has been published continuously since 1978 (its first issue dated 1978 was published in February 1979). It  is the main scientific and professional periodical in the field of archival science in Slovenia.

ARHIVI offers scientific and professional articles and discussions in the field of archival science, archival activities and techniques, historical ancillary sciences, study of primary sources, study of fonds and structures of institutions, as well as papers dealing with topics from the broader field of historiography, archival science and inter- or multidisciplinary research. In addition to discussing the methods of archival historiographic and interdisciplinary work, it also publishes articles on archival regulations and archives service, on the history of archives, conservation and restoration, and on the electronic preservation of archives and the protection of personal data. The journal monitors the development of archival science at home and around the world and focuses on current issues in the field of protection and preservation of new forms of information.

Until 2000, ARHIVI was published as one double issue per year, and since 2000 two independent issues per year have been published.

Contributions in ARHIVI are divided into different thematic sections or categories. Sections Articles and papers, From archival files and collections, From practice to practice, present the findings of archival, historiographical or interdisciplinary research in the form of peer-reviewed scientific or professional articles. Sections On the activities of archives and conferences, On the activities of the Archival Society of Slovenia, provide reports on meetings, conferences or roundtables discussing topics in the field of archival science or related sciences. The Reviews and Reports on Publications and Exhibitions section present the latest publications and exhibitions by Slovenian or foreign archives. The second number of each volume of the journal also offers an overview of the accession of archives that the national archives or regional archives have made available in their archival fonds and collections in the previous calendar year. The accessed archives are presented in the form of summary inventories in the section Acquisitions of archives. The journal also presents an overview of the latest contributions by Slovenian archivists, which are published in section Bibliography of archivists .

The journal ARHIVI is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).

The journal ARHIVI is included in the following databases: COBISS (Slovenia); EBSCO Publishing; ProQuest, Library & Information Science Source; Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text (United States of America); Centro de Información Documental de Archivos (Spain); Institut für Archivwissenschaft der Archivschule Marburg (Germany).

Zvezdarska 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
t + 386 (0)1 306 13 29
fb Facebook/Arhivsko društvo Slovenije


Editor-in-Chief: Marija Čipić Rehar, MPhil (Historical Archives Ljubljana)
Technical editor: Jernej Komac (Archives of the Republic of Slovenia)
Boris Golec, PhD (Milko Kos Historical Institute)
Nina Gostenčnik, MPhil (Regional Archives Maribor)
Bojan Himmelreich, PhD (Historical Archives Celje)
Mateja Jeraj, PhD (Archives of the Republic of Slovenia)
Uroš Lavrenčič Mugerli (Regional Archives Nova Gorica)
Walter Lukan, PhD (professor – retired, Austria)
Matej Muženič (Regional Archives Koper)
Elvis Orbanić, PhD (State Archives in Pazin, Croatia)
Julijana Visočnik, PhD (Diocesan Archives Ljubljana)
Katja Zupanič (Historical Archives in Ptuj)
Tanja Žohar (Archives of the Republic of Slovenia)


Arhivi 2021, št. 2
Arhivi 2021, št. 1
Arhivi 2020, št. 2
Arhivi 2020, št. 1
Arhivi 2019, št. 2
Arhivi 2019, št. 1
Arhivi 2018, št. 2
Arhivi 2018, št. 1
Arhivi 2017, št. 2
Arhivi 2017, št. 1
Arhivi 2016, št. 2
Arhivi 2016, št. 1

Arhivi 2015, št. 2
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Arhivi 2012, št. 1
Arhivi 2011, št. 2
Arhivi 2011, št. 1
Arhivi 2010, št. 2
Arhivi 2010, št. 1
Arhivi 2009, št. 2
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Arhivi 2008, št. 2
Arhivi 2008, št. 1
Arhivi 2007, št. 2
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Arhivi 2006, št. 2
Arhivi 2006, št. 1
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Arhivi 2005, št. 1
Arhivi 2004, št. 2
Arhivi 2004, št. 1
Arhivi 2003, št. 2
Arhivi 2003, št. 1
Arhivi 2002, št. 2
Arhivi 2002, št. 1
Arhivi 2001, št. 2
Arhivi 2001, št. 1
Arhivi 2000, št. 2
Arhivi 2000, št. 1
Arhivi 1999, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1998, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1997, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1996, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1995, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1994, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1993, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1992, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1991, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1990, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1989, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1988, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1987, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1986, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1985, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1984, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1983, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1982, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1981, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1980, št, 1-2
Arhivi 1979, št. 1-2
Arhivi 1978, št. 1


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